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Uba Awesome Stuff

Vyrilien made this for me :love: It's awesome :faint:

Go check out her gallery! She has some really great stuff :#1:

Daily Deviations


What Emoticons Are Made Of

What Emoticons Are Made Of by DEVlANT

Daily Deviation, 2008-09-01
What Emoticons Are Made Of by DEVlANT brilliantly demonstrates the depth an emoticonist can create when he or she properly explores three-dimensional perspective. It also goes to show that emoticons are apparently made of the Lithium-6 isotope, and even subatomic particles have feelings too!

(Suggested by AndyGassner and Featured by Chimpantalones)

The Blob


Daily Deviation, 2009-02-20
After receiving multiple suggestions, I just couldn't resist.
THE BLOB by DEVlANT is an exceptionally well animated emoticon with a lot of detail, especially the texture of the ground looks simply amazing.

(Suggested by BlackSatechi and Featured by AndyGassner)

Packing for Meh Holiday

Packing for Meh Holiday by DEVlANT

Daily Deviation, 2008-05-03
Packing for Meh Holiday by DEVlANT will help to remind you of everything you might forget to pack. Oh, be certain to stuff all limbs in there completely!

(Featured by PurpelBlur)


Wishlist :love:

If you ever have the urge to by me something, here's where to look ;)

Clothes wise i'm small but my head is big :lmao:

Mature Content Filter 

783 deviants said I browse with it OFF :horny:
663 deviants said I browse with it ON (Because I choose to :paranoid:)
526 deviants said I browse with it ON (Because I can't turn it off :saddummy:)



As some of you may have noticed, I seem to have accumulated quite a number of user badges =p and because I keep on getting asked where I got them all from I've done a little explanation of each.

llama Fancy llama badge: Got for having over 1000 llamas given to me

priv *DEVlANT durrr badge: Got because I broke the llama system and gave myself a broken badge which kemayo changed to a picture of my emote

priv Birthday badge: Got for joining in with the 2009 deviantART birthday celebrations

priv *Broke deviantART badge: Given to me by randomduck for the lolz in the hope that it would stop me from breaking any more of deviantART

priv Aids Day badge: Got for participating in the 2009 aids day competition

priv Halloween badge: Got for joining in with the official Halloween contest in 2009

priv April fools badge: Given for adding the tinfoil hats sold by deviantARTGear to my wish list on April fools day 2009 (if you want one just click here and hit pre-order ;))

priv *Worf badge: Given to me by fourteenthstar for the lols because I kept on finding security holes when alpha-testing the groups system

* One off or admin badges that you can't usually get (please don't ask me how you can get them, because you can't ;))


Apr 16, 2014
2:45 am
Apr 16, 2014
2:19 am
Apr 15, 2014
10:13 pm
Apr 15, 2014
8:33 pm
Apr 15, 2014
8:27 pm



Css Menus

Wed May 2, 2012, 3:02 PM

CSS Stuffz

Just playing around with CSS3 transitions, you can do some pretty funky stuff with them :lol: (see menus)

Other Stuffz

It's been a little while (again) since i made an update, so here's a little bit about what I've been up to:

As of last Friday I have finished all my Uni coursework for this year :la: Although i still have exams over the next couple of weeks :nuu:

I'm looking forward to getting these exams over and done with as then I'll have more time to dedicate to dA.
Thankfully I've finished the module I had the most work for (my web programming module) and got 100% in all 4 sections :happybounce:

On an off note from Uni, back in February I bought a Raspberry Pi and i finally got an email today saying that it's been dispatched so I'm uba-excited about getting to play with it :squee:

anyway, short update is short!

Stay Devious,
DEVlANT :wormnomnom:


Artist | Student | Other
United Kingdom



A Little About Me And My DEVlANTart Life :lol:

My name is Martin, and I work here at deviantART as the QA Tester, so my job is to "Break Shit" as well as look after devBUG and all the alpha and beta testing that goes on at deviantART :eyes:

I've been on deviantART for 5 years now, I'm not the most brillient artist ever but I like to give things a go.
Outside dA, I'm a student studying web programming (In the hope that one dy i shall be fixing stuff rather than just breaking it :paranoid:)

Not really much else to say about myself, appart from my hobbies involve juggling, gymnastics and breaking things (not always at the same time)

If you enjoy testing new features and seeing stuff before everyone else, check out devBUG to get your fix of exciting new deviantart developments :eager:




Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Although `DEVlANT joined our community only a year ago, he's made sure to make his mark in as many ways as possible. From extensive bug testing around the site, to heading up the now infamous #devBUG Group, Martin's always eager to get involved. His inquisitive mind and enthusiastic personality is reflected in every part of the community which he reaches out to. Always eager to bring suggestions and feedback to us in a positive way, `DEVlANT shows a maturity way beyond his years. It's with great pleasure that we award very first Deviousness of 2010 to `DEVlANT, congrats!
-awarded January 2010

Custom Box Tutorials

Yay How to make a Box Inside a Box
+ Llama icon

Here's a quick tutorial on how to have one of these boxes on your page :eyes:

simply copy the text below into a custom box on your page :lol:

<i class="gr1"><i></i></i> <i class="gr2"><i></i></i> <i class="gr3"><i></i></i><div class="gr-top"><div class="gr"><b><i class="tri"></i><i class="icon i6"></i>Type the Title Here!
<br /></b></div></div><div class="gr-body"><div class="gr"><div class="grf-indent pp" align="center">

Type Message To Go Inside The Box Here!!!

<sub><sub><sub><sub><sub>box thanks to :devdevlant:</sub></sub></sub></sub></sub>
</div></div></div><i class="gr3 gb"></i><i class="gr2 gb"></i><i class="gr1 gb gb1"></i>


Now you can make an edit box aswel :lol: (the box will not be coloured though)

<div class="gr-box gr-configbox"><i class="gr1"><i></i></i> <i class="gr2"><i></i></i> <i class="gr3"><i></i></i><div class="gr-top"><div class="gr"><b><i class="tri"></i><i class="icon i6"></i>Type the Title Here!
<br /></b></div></div><div class="gr-body"><div class="gr"><div class="grf-indent pp" align="center">

Type Message To Go Inside The Box Here!!!

<sub><sub><sub><sub><sub>box thanks to :devdevlant:</sub></sub></sub></sub></sub>
</div></div></div><i class="gr3 gb"></i><i class="gr2 gb"></i><i class="gr1 gb gb1"></i>



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Dear Deviantart-Admins,
I think that you have much stuff to do and you may already know about this problem,
but the hacker- journlas are about to take over
the chain mails about hacker, are mostly fake, but at the same time I read about new hacker REAL hacker. There is evidence that they are real, that accounts are hacked. Now I am afraid that people would say: "Phew, its probaly fake, too"
It is your job to stop all the hackers. They are taking over, maybe more than every before. Look around, you'll find evindence. I trust in you.
People are scared to death, please.

Yours faithfully, xXJustForFunXx
Marina Wolters
Noibat-the-NightWing Jan 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Um...... So I read you guys fixed something on damuro....I have a new problem now: Every piece of art I make or edit with damuro is miniscule and the quality is terrible. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but its hard to do good art when your art is super small and low quality.
(1 Reply)
Youkah Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
(1 Reply)
CheezyedPoof Jan 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thus far, you're one of the only reliable admins v-v
-47 years of premium membership x'D God, this is the best page ever! What's it like, to "break shit"? :XD:
craftysorceress Jan 15, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
You have a fantastic profile page! I was routed here as examples of excellent customized profile pages.

What I can't figure out is, how do you have a custom background for the entire profile page? Can you point me to a tutorial for that?

I can see how to change the backgrounds of individual widgets on the profile page, but how do you change the background of the majority of this page itself? Even then, most customized profile pages have widgets in front of the same green background, whereas you have a background of objects, greens and browns.

You seem to have cloud and bunny div classes too, how did you get those into your profile?

Thanks for all the great work on DA!
(1 Reply)
wow! 47 year membership I think I've fainted. 
(1 Reply)
there is a art thief ( or base thief ) going around


she is stealing bases and is underaged please report her
(1 Reply)
GeneralEagleEye Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
dat -47 year premium membership.
Hi Martin
i see you are a security warrior
so can you help me
cheech this acount : :iconkayar-vara:

She steals arts from another artist
look for example this one :…
and the original…
another people write in the comments abaut her stolen art
and look all her arts
they all are stolen.
please help us
report her please
(2 Replies)
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